Supporting Material for the Application for a Building Permit Project Information Memorandum

This document is in support of Kevin Scally’s (the Applicant) proposal to construct a permanent building at the rear of his property, 224 Salisbury Street, Christchurch (the Site). The information contained in this document is freely conceded to the Christchurch City Council for the purpose of advancing the consent process related to this project. The information is not intended for wider distribution. The plans are protected by Copyright and are not to be reproduced without the permission of Dr Kevin Scally.

The Site

The location of the property for the proposed building is the rear of 224 Salisbury Street, Christchurch. As a reference: this is the section of Salisbury Street that lies between Madras and Barbados Streets.

Site Details:
Lot: 1
bp: 5833
CT: 335/200
Area: 655 square meters
Existing Building Coverage: 117.0 square meters

Construction Method

The proposed building at the rear of the Site will employ an innovative and alternative construction method than is traditionally employed in the construction industry. This method is called ‘UpDownÒ Housing’. Unlike traditional structural housing, an UpDownÒ House gains its structural stability and integrity from the internal strength of the building. For foundations, UpDownÒ will be constructed on piles.

UpDownÒ Housing is built from individual panels. Each panel can be moved or changed to provide unique and personalised variations to buildings and rooms. New rooms can be added or removed without changing the structural stability or integrity of the house. This includes vertical and horizontal expansions to the building.

The construction of an UpDownÒ House will not employ the use of any materials that can not be removed and reused (for example; nails). This allows an UpDownÒ House to be built, de-constructed and re-built in another location without loosing its integrity or value.

Ecological Effects of Proposed Building

The rear of the Site is covered with medium density, mainly native vegetation. The major vegetation features include large trees and garden area along all three-
property boundaries and a private open-air plant nursery.

The proposed building will be sited on the plant nursery and a small percentage of the garden area. The large trees will remain unchanged to provide shelter and privacy. In the proposal, the remaining vegetation will assist in mitigating any adverse visual effects on neighboring property.

Proposed Building Character

The proposed building has been styled, designed and modeled as a one and a half story ‘miners cottage’. This design set within the UpDownÒ design suite has been selected for its cultural, historical and aesthetic value. The proposed building will be consistent with the visual appearance of other buildings in the area, and on the property.

Plans and Regulations

The proposed construction method and building has achieved the appropriate building standards and engineering certification (available for review if required).

Site Area – Floor Surface Area Ratio
Site Area: 655 square metres
Existing Building: 117.0 square metres
Proposed Building
Ground Floor 28.1 square metres
First Floor 28.1 square metres
Total Floor 56.2 square metres
Total Floor Area (existing plus proposed)
173.2 square metres (26.4% of property)
Distance from property boundary.
Proposed building plans are attached.
Distance from closest property boundary: 2.8 metres

Proposed Building Usage

The proposed building is intended to provide an example of an UpDownÒ House. With an existing successful example of an UpDownÒ House, the UpDownÒ House technology can then be more readily applied to other housing developments.

The primary use for the proposed building is a private office/workshop for the Applicant. The activities associated with the proposed building will not generate additional noise, traffic, discharge or pollution beyond current levels on the property.

It is not the intended purpose of the Applicant to use the proposed building as a housing unit. However, as this exercise will formulate the first operating case study of a full UpDownÒ House, the Applicant requires the proposal to be treated as if the building were an additional housing unit. The property will not be subdivided.

Additional Information

Additional Information Attached

Building Plans

Additional Information Available

UpDownÒ Housing (https://8.co.nz/updown.htm)

Engineering Certificate

Property Deeds

Site inspection welcome

Personal Contacts

the Applicant (Kevin Scally)
224 Salisbury Street
Ph: 366 3756
Fax: 366 3753
Cell: 025 221 9181
E-mail: kevin.scally@clear.net.nz