Content Index

001 Oral Care of the Terminally Ill Patient Dr Kevin Scally 1997

002 Xerostomia and Sjogrens Syndrome Dr David Hay

003 Precision Plastic Partial Dentures Dr Kevin Scally

004 Three “Magic Bullets” in the dental care of children and special needs patients Dr Peter Dennison

005 Management of oral problems associated with cancer treatment Radiotherapy Dr David Hay

006 Transitional Dentistry A Collection of presentations to the New Zealand Hospital and Community Dentists Society, Briefing paper to the Minister of Health on Oral Grooming, and some reflections on Hospital Dentistry 1999-2003 Kevin Scally

007 Oral Grooming: an Evolutionary Perspective – a New Model for Oral Health and Wellbeing Dr Kevin Scally

008 The Whys of Dentistry: Zen and the Art of Oral Care: A medical management model of dental disease Dr Kevin Scally

009 Transitional Dentistry -Trailblazing into the new millennium
There were runes all about us, signs, and symbols – we did not understand them Transitional Dentistry continued Dr Kevin Scally

010 There were runes all about us, signs, and symbols – we did not understand them Transitional Dentistry continued Dr Kevin Scally

011 I’ve been thinking For a very long time A model for oral health care delivery based on recent developments in dental materials, breakthroughs in the etiology of dental decay and periodontal disease, and ideas from evolutionary biology, sociobiology, evolutionary psychology, behavioral psychology, and a few other ideas tossed in for good measure A recipe for change Dr Kevin Scally