Oral Care 2000

Locum and Practice Management Consultancy 

Oral Care 2000 was established in 1998 as an independent consultancy service to assist oral health care workers in developing alternative models of oral health care delivery. At the time Dr Kevin Scally was an oral health care specialist consultant (Restorative Dentistry) Canterbury Health. He had been developing a variety of initiatives in the management of patients with high oral health care needs. The basic difference in this approach was the management was based on a medical management approach to the diagnosis and treatment of dental disease. It also went further and included what could be called a social management model.

During the last six years Dr Scally has been working in specialist private practice, providing locum services to dental practices in Australia and New Zealand, and assessments of those practices for the practice principles in a formal and informal way.

With his extensive experience in private practice, hospital dental practice, teaching and innovation in dentistry, and original research in a variety of academic disciplines he brings a unique skill mix to his consultancy service.

For more information please e-mail consultancy@8.co.nz