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UpDown is a philosophy to construction where the components are joined together in a way that allows them to be undone and reused. UpDown Housing is a practical example of the philosophy. This is an innovative housing system based on modular elements. Small houses built on the design of early colonial cottages which can be easily erected and then taken down at a later date. They are ideal for first homes, studios, garages, eco-villages and holiday homes.

Thegotics background, papers, abstracts,
and bibliography

Hospital Dentistry Website Archive
Set up as a forum for dentists within the hospital system to publish, share and discuss experiences.

With all the hype about the Internet, one basic thing has been overlooked. Many website owners don’t initially need all the pizzazz and complexity. What they need is something simple and easily self maintained. What they require is an interactive business card on the Internet: a WEBcard® .

Aotearoa fare ® is a concept using the internet to promote the best of regional New Zealand. The first province to be developed was Canterbury …the place to try a cyber sample of New Zealand’s premier produce.

Canterbury fare® “A Taste of Canterbury” includes not only wines, beveragesand food but also art, performance, music and experience.